About Emily

Emily has always been involved in helping others. Ever since she was a child Emily has felt a sense of ‘knowing’ and through trial (and yes, a few errors) she has harnessed her gifts so that she can give you heartfelt insight.

As a clairsentient medium Emily will take time to meditate on your questions. Images and thoughts are readily shared with whomever she is reading for. Sometimes those images may not make immediate sense for you but have patience and you will find meaning in the hours or even days to come. Remember the information may be about the distant past, what’s happening now or even things to come. It is important to come with an open mind.

Emily works well with symbolism and has a highly unique gift which will fill you with hope, calm and a sense of direction. Using tarot cards is a helpful tool and Emily draws much information from the cards.
She hopes you look forward to meeting her as much as she does you.

Emily’s Code

  • Come prepared with questions. It is important that you come with a clear understanding of questions that need answers. Arriving with no clear thought as to what you would like to know will lead to disappointment.
  • Please note that Emily does not provide outcomes for health or death. When connecting Emily will try her utmost but there are no guarantees that a connection with a particular person that has passed will be made during this process. This is entirely in the hands of those passed.
  • Personal consultations performed by Emily O’Loughlin are to be used as guidance and suggestion only; they are not to be taken as a confirmed source or finite direction for your life’s path. At no stage can we guarantee outcomes or can we take the place of professional advice.
  • Consultations should be used in conjunction with your own thoughts, beliefs and professional advice sought if needed. Your own intuition and feelings should always be used when making decisions.
  • All sessions are preformed one on one and are for personal use only, information provided during personal consultations with Emily O’Loughlin should not be used in public forums or with a third party.
  • To ensure the privacy of all parties involved we stipulate that recordings are kept private and not used in third party scenarios or shared to a broader audience.
  • All consultations and events are for entertainment purposes only. If you or someone you know is having difficulty coping or may be at risk of suicide contact Lifeline 13 11 14.

Here is some feedback!

“Emily O’Loughlin is talented. She has a powerful gift for truth and flawless insight.”
Tamara Penketh

“O’Loughlin’s a charmer and a truly beautiful soul.”
Alexis Soloski


“Direct from Melbourne Australia is the one hour, one woman show starring Aussie EmO’Loughlin. …Funny, and ultimately inspiring. I felt myself uplifted. Not to be missed”
Friday June 17th 2011, by Carmel Valone


Emily is not only a gifted intuitive she has had a long career inspiring people all over the world on stage as an inspirational speaker, comedian, writer and actress.

Emily was the first ever woman to win the Australian National Raw Comedy Competition.  A long list of television, film, radio and public performances were to follow.  She has won acting awards and has been invited to both the New York and Hollywood Fringes.

Emily has used her talents to support many charities involving Animal Welfare and women’s health. Additionally Emily has been working on television scripts with her latest work drawing praise,

“a truly unique series, with a distinctive, authentic voice.  The blend of humour and pathos is largely deftly handled, and the pilot episode certainly doesn’t shy away from the darker material. “